We have produced literally hundreds of videos over the last twenty years.

We started out producing a one hour video yearbook for Blue Star Summer Camps in the USA from nearly 100 hours worth of raw

S-VHS footage which we'd shot over eight intensive weeks. Then we went through a period of creating short films for children. Finally we started working on documentary style projects. Now a lot of our videos last between 1-3 minutes - we've come a long way since the USA.

The selection below demonstrates the variety and scale of some of the projects we have been involved with. Be sure to read the descriptions so you know why they made the cut. 

We started filming this 'top secret' project two years before the window was unveiled. Everything had to be kept under wraps. This was possibly the longest pre-production period we've ever faced - that's why it made the cut.

Over the last five years we have produced a lot of videos for Canterbury Cathedral. Our Black Prince video went viral and still remains their best performing video on YouTube, but this one was short and sweet and was part of a larger volunteers project se we've included it.

This was one of a series for films we produced for the Kent School Games Cultural Celebration. This was a huge project which also involved us working for them as their Production Manager for theatre production to - that's why it made our list.

This arts programme ran for two years and we were called in to deliver a series of film making workshops and produce a series of short films using local school children as mini film crews as we tried to capture multiple events at the same time. Pure chaos so it's in.

In huge contrast to the Westminster Abbey film, we shot the dress rehearsal for the world premiere of the Clockmaker's Daughter in under 3 hours. We then edited this trailer together and delivered it to the client within 48 hours - that's why it's here.

We love the sound quality on this short promo. That would be reason enough to add it to our list but we also liked the arty style and the fact that despite a camera malfunction we were still able to deliver - even though we had to repair the footage frame by frame.